Super seeds to help feed Super Kids!

Why Purple Produce?

The purple color of fruits and vegetables indicates a rich antioxidant content, which may help to improve overall health and prevent health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, andcancer.

  • Super Fast Shipping

    Shipping time was faster than I expected and my package arrived with more than the specified number of seeds! I will be ordering more from Azuki & The Beanstalk in the future!

  • Makes Meal Time Magical

    My Kids LOVED Growing their very own garden FILLED with Purple Produce! Getting my Daughters to eat vegetables was a NIGHTMARE Until I found Azuki & The Beanstalk!

  • Game Changer for My Aerogarden

    With the price of groceries these days I was looking for a fun, affordable way to get my nutrition! Bought a few Pak Choi seeds, some Tomato seeds & Purple Ridicchio and my Aerogarden has NEVER been so plentiful or Beautiful.